Art Berlin Contemporary 2013



Art Berlin Contemporary 2013

19 September 2013 – 22 September 2013

For the 2013 installment of abc Berlin, Blain|Southern will be exhibiting the photographic series, Bautzner Strasse 112A (2009) by German contemporary artist, Nasan Tur.

The work, comprised of 15 individual photographs situated within a structured room the size of a German prison cell, depicts the closed cell doors on the third floor of the DDR-era remand center, Bautzner Strasse in Dresden. The prison was originally founded in the 1950s and was used as a Stasi political penitentiary where over 12,000 political dissidents were detained and interrogated until the East German revolution of 1989. It was during the East German revolution that protesters occupied Bautzner Strasse, as well as numerous other remand centers around the German Democratic Republic, and they peacefully aided in the disempowerment and collapse of the Socialist Union Party. The building today remains a monument to the oppression inflicted upon the citizens of the DDR by the government.

Originally made for the 2009 exhibition OHNE UNS!, which took place in multiple venues throughout Dresden as a reaction to the city’s rich history from the 1940s – 1980s, Bautzner Strasse 112A was formed as a reaction to the proposed concept of Art and Power. The photographs of the closed doors of the cells fill the viewer with a sense of claustrophobia as they experience the same sight that countless political prisoners endured on a daily basis while incarcerated at Bautzner Strasse.  The power of the work comes from this empathy with those who suffered under the auspices of the Ministirium für Staatssicherheit, magnified by the serial nature of the work - which extends beyond the particular instance of Bautzner Strasse and becomes a universal statement on the social injustices that occur behind closed doors and in prisons around the world.


Nasan Tur
Bautzner Straße 112A
Series of 15 photographs, pigmented Fine Art Print, each 21 x32 cm, each framed, wood:Mansonia
29 x 40cm