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ABC - Art Berlin Contemporary

17 September 2015 – 20 September 2015

Marius Bercea’s (b. 1979) recent works continue to explore the artist’s interest in the archiving of a moment and the depiction of memory and experience. Imaginary landscapes are proliferated as memories of Californian ideals are merged with Transylvanian traditions, brutalist architecture surrounded by utopian idealistic characters, creating hybrid worlds. The works are theatrical; the place of the viewer questioned as the scenes before you are at once passive yet immersive. Invited into the landscape, it is unclear if the stories unfolding in his works are personal recollections or scenes from a LA film set.

Bercea’s vivid palette explores temperature, climate and the flux in intensity of both natural and artificial light. Bright, neon sparks of colour ignite against thick impasto paint, brush marks swirl, emulating the haze of the Californian sun and the Transylfornian temperature. The artist’s works are highly distinctive, as memory, recollection and reality seemingly merge upon the canvas’ surface, giving rise to a visual sensuality that has made Bercea one of the leading artists of the Cluj School.

The works on paper, aptly named Thoughts Safari, articulate snapshots of the artist’s wondering thoughts, influenced by climate, visual experience, modern literature and images from social media. Bercea continues to utilise the medium of drawing as a means to extend and develop these thoughts.

Image Above:

Marius Bercea
Untitled (thoughts safari) (detail)
Mixed media on paper
60 x 42 cm / (23⅝ x 16½ in)
reference: 50917