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    Revolt of the Sage

    Blain|Southern's Director of Exhibitions, Craig Burnett, introduces the group exhibition that he curated along with Simon Moretti.

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    An in-depth look at Blain|Southern's group show 'Tell Me Whom You Haunt'.

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    In-conversation with Christian Rattemeyer

    Nasan Tur talks to the New York based curator of prints and drawings about his exhibition FUNKTIONIEREN.

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    Abdoulaye Konaté

    in conversation with Koyo Kouoh

    Abdoulaye Konaté and 'Useful Dreams' exhibition curator Koyo Kouoh study his portrayal of social conflict and memories of war.

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    Abdoulaye Konaté


    Abdoulaye Konaté featured in Bloomberg's 'Brilliant Ideas'

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    Ali Banisadr

    in conversation with Dr Charlotte Mullins

    Ali Banisadr talks about his childhood memories, street graffitti and his transition into painting with art critic and historian, Dr Charlotte Mullins.

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    Ali Banisadr


    Ali Banisadr was featured in Bloomberg TV’s 'Brilliant Ideas’ series, which looks at the most exciting and acclaimed contemporary artists at work today.

  • Venet film still


    Exhibitions at Blain|Southern and the National Trust's Cliveden

    Bernar Venet discusses the progression of his work over several decades, as illustrated in our current exhibition in London and also at the National Trust's Cliveden.

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    Bill Viola

    'The Dreamers'

    The Space (BBC & Arts Council England) presents a new film, interviewing Bill Viola about his major new work 'The Dreamers'.

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    Bill Viola

    'Frustrated Actions and Futile Gestures'

    Bill Viola and Kira Perov examine the series which focuses on the realities of routine and human existence.

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    Bill Viola


    Bill Viola, discusses his landmark exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park with Kira Perov, Executive Director, Bill Viola Studio and Clare Lilley, Director of Programme, YSP.

  • Capturewide

    Bosco Sodi


    Shot at his studio in Casa Wabi, Mexico, this short film follows the process behind some of the artist’s most recent work

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    Bosco Sodi

    Blain|Southern Podcast 001 Bosco Sodi in conversation with Mark Rappolt at Art Review Bar

    To coincide with his first exhibition with Blain|Southern, Bosco Sodi spoke with Mark Rappolt, Editor of ArtReview, to discuss the mix of Japanese ideologies and aesthetics in his solo show Yūgen

  • Artsy onsite

    Bruce Nauman

    Blain|Southern Podcast 003 Ben Borthwick and Gabriel Coxhead in Conversation re Bruce Nauman

    Part of Artsy's Onsite series, Ben Borthwick and Gabriel Coxhead in conversation on the occasion of: Bruce Nauman, Natural Light, Blue Light Room at Blain|Southern London 5 October 2016 – 12 November 2016

  • Bluelight061016-59

    Bruce Nauman

    Natural Light, Blue Light Room

    A visual tour of Bruce Nauman’s significant architectural installation, exhibited at Blain|Southern London for the first time since its initial presentation in 1971.

  • Cs vid

    Chiharu Shiota


    Chiharu Shiota is the focus of Bloomberg's 'Brilliant Ideas' series, which looks at the most exciting and acclaimed contemporary artists at work today.

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    Chiharu Shiota

    Uncertain Journey

    The artist discusses her recent striking 8m high immersive installation in Berlin.

  • Candy film screenshot

    Damien Hirst & Felix Gonzalez-Torres

    curator Mario Codognato on 'candy'

    Chief curator Mario Codognato brings together the work of Damien Hirst and Felix Gonzalez-Torres in a major two-person exhibition.

  • Capture3

    Douglas Gordon

    'Sharpening Fantasy'

    Douglas Gordon discusses artistic responsibilities and the exploration and celebration of cultural differences in his work.

  • Bluelight061016-78


    'First, look at the paintings. Then we'll shoot the shit.'

    Take a visual tour of Ed Moses’ exhibition of recent paintings currently at Blain|Southern in London.

  • Tents screenshot

    Francesco Clemente

    'Tents' Exhibition

    Francesco Clemente explores the various narratives within his 'Tents' series and the complexities of their nature.

  • Francescoclemente-142

    Francesco Clemente

    'Mandala for Crusoe'

    Francesco Clemente reflects on the notion of self and the personal and historical dialogues created between the East and West.

  • Clemente - bloomberg brilliant ideas 2

    Francesco Clemente

    Bloomberg: Brilliant Ideas

    Francesco Clemente featured in Bloomberg's 'Brilliant Ideas'.

  • Bbc world news impact still francesco clemente

    Francesco Clemente

    Interview with BBC World News

    Francesco Clemente shares insights on new works and his connection to contemporary India.

  • Capturefm

    François Morellet


    Follow François Morellet as he tours his remarkable exhibition DASH DASH DASH at Blain|Southern Berlin earlier this year.

  • Zorio screenshot

    Gilberto Zorio

    discusses solo exhibition

    Gilberto Zorio examines relationship with chemistry and sound and discusses the legacy of Arte Povera.

  • Capturehm

    Harland Miller


    Filmmakers interview the artist in his London studio and at Blain|Southern Berlin, as he prepares for his first solo exhibition in Germany.

  • Install - colour

    Jannis Kounellis

    discusses solo exhibition

    Jannis Kounellis explains how his work reduces the gap between art and life by creating a language using everyday materials.

  • Jonas rec sleeve painting -whole

    Jonas Burgert

    Vinyl Factory collaboration

    Jonas Burgert and Berlin music producer rRoxymore comment on designing vinyl covers for their limited edition record collaboration.

  • 5

    Jonas Burgert

    'Gift gegen Zeit'

    Jonas Burgert's exhibition 'Gift gegen Zeit' studies man's desire to control time through dramatic large scale paintings.

  • Img_4457

    Jonas Burgert

    in conversation with Charles Saumarez Smith

    Jonas Burgert sits with Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Arts to discuss representation of conflict and human struggle.

  • Jonas burgert, work in progress, 2017, courtesy the artist and blainsouthern, photo lepowski studios (1)

    Jonas Burgert

    'ZEITLAICH' Time Lapse

    Watch artist Jonas Burgert in his studio as he paints 'ZEITLAICH' ahead of his exhibition in Berlin

  • Mat collishaw, all things fall, 2014, image courtesy the artist and blainsouthern, photo todd white

    Mat Collishaw

    'All Things Fall' (2014)

    Watch detailed footage of Mat Collishaw's 3D printed zoetrope

  • Thresholds17.5.17_026webres

    Mat Collishaw


    Mat Collishaw’s critically acclaimed virtual reality artwork is a fully immersive portal to the first photography exhibition, held in 1839 by William Henry Fox Talbot.

  • Bsl-021-srgb-lowres

    Mat Collishaw


    Mat Collishaw delves into the historic depiction of the abyss and the fears of insignificance.

  • Mat collishaw, albion, 2017, courtesy the artist and blainsouthern, photo peter mallet

    Mat Collishaw


    A closer look at Albion, an installation from Mat Collishaw’s critically acclaimed exhibition The Centrifugal Soul,

  • Tcs spin adj. 1

    Mat Collishaw


    The title work and centrepiece of Mat Collishaw’s new exhibition at Blain|Southern

  • Magic_lantern_garden_012

    Mat Collishaw


    Mat Collishaw’s zoetrope Magic Lantern was part of Sculpture in the City 2016.

  • 26376_g

    Mat Collishaw


    Projected on a monumental scale, The End of Innocence is currently on view at Festival Images Vevey until 2 October 2016

  • Mat collishaw, seria ludo, 2016, courtesy the artist, blainsouthern & the national trust, photo kippa matthews (16)

    Mat Collishaw

    SERIA LUDO (2016)

    A newly commissioned film of Collishaw's immersive and captivating new installation

  • Snapshot

    Mat Collishaw

    Inspired by Caravaggio

    Mat Collishaw speaks to the curator of 'Beyond Caravaggio' Letizia Treves

  • Mc 2

    Mat Collishaw

    Mat Collishaw in conversation with Waldemar Januszczak

    Mat talks with Sunday Times' art critic Waldemar Januszczak about 'The Centrifugal Soul', his latest exhibition at Blain|Southern London.

  • Michael joo, radiohalo, final cut

    Michael Joo

    Michael Joo 'Radiohalo'

    Michael Joo discusses his solo show ‘Radiohalo’ exhibited at Blain|Southern in London, 10 February 2016 - 9 April 2016.

  • Mj-install- 3-f-srgb-lowres

    Michael Joo

    Blain|Southern Podcast 002 Michael Joo talks to Tim Marlow

    To coincide with the opening of his exhibition Radiohalo at Blain|Southern London, we hosted this fascinating conversation between Michael Joo and Tim Marlow, Artistic Director of the Royal Academy of Arts.

  • Michael joo brilliant ideas

    Michael Joo

    Bloomberg: Brilliant Ideas

    Bloomberg series 'Brilliant Ideas' takes an extensive look into Michael Joo’s life and work.

  • Nasan tur, funktionieren, installation view, 2016, courtesy the artist and blainsouthern, photo trevor good (11)

    Nasan Tur


    For his latest show in Berlin, Nasan Tur transforms the ground floor of the 40 metre long gallery space into an installation of a live printmaking studio.

  • Capture

    Nasan Tur

    'At Your Own___.'

    Nasan Tur challenges the idea of behaviour, language and material as capital in multimedia exhibition 'At Your Own___.'

  • Pietro ruffo

    Pietro Ruffo


    The artist talks about his artistic process, the inspiration he gets from Rome’s rich history & his commission for fashion house Valentino.

  • _gb19752

    Rachel Howard

    Solo Exhibition at MACRO Museum

    The artist presents her largest major solo exhibition in Rome in the museum’s Testaccio building, a former slaughterhouse.

  • Jerwoodsummer2015small-3

    Rachel Howard

    At Sea

    Rachel Howards walks novelist and journalist Will Self through the various elements that define her process based paintings.

  • Bs-002

    Tim Noble And Sue Webster

    'Nihilistic Optimistic'

    A visual tour of Tim Noble & Sue Webster’s major solo exhibition, 'Nihilistic Optimistic'.

  • Capture2

    Tim Noble And Sue Webster


    Artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster discuss their work

  • Nihilistic optimisitc

    Tim Noble And Sue Webster

    Vinyl Factory Collaboration

    Tim Noble and Sue Webster share the origins of their 'Nihilistic Optimistic' exhibition and a collaboration with The Vinyl Factory .

  • Captureww

    Wim Wenders


    This short film follows Wim Wenders as he tours his exhibition Time Capsules. By the side of the road at Blain|Southern Berlin.

  • Yinka shonibare portrait 1

    Yinka Shonibare MBE

    Bloomberg: Brilliant Ideas

    Watch as Yinka Shonibare discusses the process of marrying art and politics to critique post-colonial conditions.