Lotsucht / Scandagliodipendenza, was Jonas Burgert’s first solo show in Italy.

Curated by Laura Carlini Fanfogna, the exhibition featured 38 works created by the German artist over the last 15 years. Alongside four new works were a number of loans from important private collections. Monumental canvases were shown together with smaller paintings that focus on the study of individual subjects.

A master of imaginative figurative painting, Burgert’s works teem with multitudes of characters and objects that often seem barely contained by the canvas. He says, ‘In our mind, we create existences as heroes, gods or clowns. They lead unbearably loud, malicious, cynical, witty and passionate lives, in wonderfully strange or terrible places. In my art, I merely try to paint the scene of this ongoing process of debate and negotiation, with all its peculiarities.’

Lotsucht / Scandagliodipendenza was accompanied by a detailed catalogue which features essays from the curator and David Anfam alongside full colour plates of all the paintings in the exhibition and other key works by the artist.


Jonas Burgert

Jonas Burgert