‘Playground Structure’ artists  in conversation

‘Playground Structure’ artists in conversation

Artists Amy Feldman, Joan Snyder, Daniel Sturgis and Dan Walsh in discussion with Director of Exhibitions Craig Burnett in this video recorded at Blain|Southern London.

Playground Structure took its title from a 2008 photograph by Jeff Wall that depicts a climbing frame in a suburban park that was exhibited with paintings from 1969 to the present day by Amy Feldman, Mary Heilmann, Rachel Howard, Jeremy Moon, Ed Moses, Joan Snyder, Daniel Sturgis and Dan Walsh. The idea was to look at artists who take the grid’s rigidly straight lines and reimagine them as the boundaries of a game, space of ritual and repetition or to subject it to natural forces, such as gravity, or decay. So that the grid isn’t an ideal structure but rather a climbing frame for the eyes and mind, an open-ended space where the viewer’s imagination can play and improvise.