Sislej Xhafa in conversation with Daniel Schreiber

Sislej Xhafa

Sislej Xhafa in conversation with art critic and author Daniel Schreiber on the occasion of 'shadow of curls', the artist’s exhibition at Blain|Southern Berlin. 

Together they reflect on key moments of the artist’s career and the themes at the core of Xhafa’s practice, including the identity politics that surround the legal status of his country of origin, Kosovo, as well as broader ideas of power, politics, immigration and social and economic mobility. 

In 'shadow of curls', Xhafa worked with a variety of materials associated with different types of migration, as well as a range of quotidian objects that have been re-appropriated, altered or rendered useless. Employing a conceptual mode, he draws upon the history of the readymade to ironic, humorous and subversive effect.