Yinka Shonibare MBE's The Swing (After Fragonard), 2001, has been shortlisted for 'Art Everywhere' - an exhibition taking place across tens of thousands of billboards throughout the UK. Dedicated to showcasing the best of British art, this will be the largest exhibition of its kind in the world, and will take place for two weeks in August. 

Alongisde works by artists including Francis Bacon, John Singer Sargent, Lucian Freud, Joseph William Turner and Sir Stanely Spencer, Yinka Shonibare MBE's The Swing (After Fragonard) is now open to the public vote, which will ultimately decide which 50 works will be exhibited for 'Art Everywhere'. Voting takes place through Facebook - so please take the time to vote for Yinka Shonibare MBE to be a part of this unique exhibition by following this link:


Shonibare's work is based on the iconic Rococo painting by Jean-Honore Fragonard, The Swing (Les hazards heureux de l'escarpolette), 1767, which depicts a young aristocratic woman in a pink dress, on the swing in her garden. Depicted in motion, the woman has lost a small pink shoe as she swings through the air - Fragonard captures the moment in which her shoe sails across the garden. Two men watch the woman - one who pushes her from behind a tree, the other positioned in the foliage beneath her - gazing mischievously up at her billowing skirts. Shonibare preserves several of the compositional elements: the woman, her shoe and the surrounding foliage, but the men and much of the garden scenery has vanished. The original context is further subverted by the African print fabric that the woman now wears - an opulence that is both distant from, yet adjoined to Fragonard's original silk and lace in its many connotations. A disjunction is thus created between the familiar and the strange. 

For more information about 'Art Everywhere', please visit: http://arteverywhere.org.uk/about/