Opening on 10 March, Bill Viola. Electronic Renaissance is a major new survey exhibition by the artist, who is renowned for his pioneering role in video art. An immersive journey through Viola’s career, it spans early experimental work from the 1970s up to monumental installations from the last decade.

The exhibition includes Renaissance masterpieces, creating a dialogue between Viola’s work and the great masters of the past that have served as sources of inspiration for the artist. The exhibition is also a celebration of Viola’s relationship with Florence, the city where he continued to develop his career as a video artist as the technical director of art/tapes/22, a video production and documentation centre, from 1974 to 1976.

Palazzo Strozzi have also partnered with other museums to extend the exhibition, presenting Viola’s works at other venues throughout the region, including the Uffizi Gallery and Santa Maria Novella Church Museum.

Bill Viola. Electronic Renaissance opens at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence on 10 March and runs until 23 July 2017.