Royal Opera House


5 September 2014 -28 September 2014

Mat Collishaw and Bill Viola will participate in Deloitte Ignite, the Royal Opera House’s annual contemporary arts festival.

The Viola work is Fire Martyr, 2014, a single panel derived from his four-channel video installation Martyrs (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) that recently premiered at St Paul’s Cathedral. Collishaw will exhibit two of his celebrated burning flower photographs, The Poisoned Page, and Effigy.

The month-long festival, curated by the National Gallery’s Dr Minna Moore Ede, explores the origin of myth and creation in the western world through dance, visual art, film, music and movement drawing. The festival focuses on two archetypal myths: Prometheus, the Titan who creates man from clay and steals fire from the Gods, and Leda and the Swan, the mysterious conjunction of a mortal woman and the god Zeus, disguised as a swan.

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