Blain|Southern is delighted to announce its first exhibition with Kishio Suga, one of Japan’s leading contemporary artists and a key figure in the Mono-ha (School of Things) movement.


Rising to prominence in the mid-1960s, Suga and other Mono-ha artists, such as Lee Ufan and Nobuo Sekine, eschewed traditional representation, instead exploring quotidian and natural materials; investigating the relationship between them and their impact on the surrounding space. The movement grew both in response to the rapid industrialisation of Japan and also as a reaction to the dominant influences of western art history.


Opening this week, the exhibition features Perimeter (Entai), 1985, a significant piece in the artist’s on-going examination of the notion of boundaries. Encircling the space with a perimeter of wood and stone, the artist explores the interaction between the physical realm of objects and the emotional world of the viewer. He aims to reveal universal truths through the paradox of simultaneously dividing and connecting.


“To see the hidden reality of mono is to understand the structure of the world.” Kishio Suga


Private View: Mon 12 Oct 2015 6-8pm