Opening next month at the Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli, Bosco Sodi: Elemental is a major new solo exhibition by the Mexican artist. Curated by Dakin Hart, the exhibition features bodies of work which resonate with the museum’s building and its collection of 50,000 pre-Hispanic objects that Diego Rivera amassed during his lifetime. 

Rivera's museum contains an impressive survey of what man is capable of fashioning from the earth. Known for his use of crude, raw materials, Sodi’s sawdust paintings, volcanic rocks and clay cubes sculptures are not just products of earth but the presence of the earth itself, reaching outside history to something more fundamental. As Dakin Hart notes, ‘the only thing they contain is earth; they are vessels for and of their own substance.’

Published on the occasion of the exhibition by Hatje Cantz, a new monograph Bosco Sodi: Clay Cubes is also available.

Bosco Sodi: Elemental opens 7 February at the Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli, Mexico City, and runs until 30 April 2017.