Opening on 29 June, Por los Siglos de los Siglos is a major new exhibition by Bosco Sodi at MUNAL, Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City. The exhibition will create a dialogue between works by Sodi and the museum’s collection, and includes masterworks such as La incredulidad de santo Tomás by Sebastián López de Arteaga.  

Sodi’s work can also be seen in London as part of Sculpture in the City. He will adorn the area of Fenchurch with glazed volcanic rocks from the Ceboruco volcano. The three works, fired in Sodi’s custom built kilns at his studio in Mexico, are part of the seventh edition of the project, which also includes works by Paul McCarthy, Ryan Gander and Damien Hirst, and will be on display from 27 June.

Por los Siglos de los Siglos  opens at Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City on 30 June and runs until 5 November 2017.