On 4 March 2019, Bosco Sodi unveiled Atlantes, a new monumental site-specific work. Situated along the Oaxacan coast nearby to the artist’s foundation, Casa Wabi, Atlantes is the most ambitious work of land art in the region in recent years.

Taking over two years to construct, the project consists of 64 clay cubes. Each cube is composed of 1,600 clay bricks made by hand by Sodi and a team of local craftsman in a traditional Oaxacan kiln. In total, the installation consists of 102,000 clay bricks and weighs over 700 tonnes.

The installation’s monumental scale and gridded structure form an observatory for experiencing the dramatic variance in light and landscape at different times of day and seasons of the year. Over time, the work will be eroded by the elements, gradually becoming an inseparable part of the natural environment.

Photo of the installation by Sergio López.