Sited amongst the woodlands at the foundation The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth, but not the Mineral Rights comprises three large-scale sculptures entitled The GoodThe Bad and The Ugly. Towering as high as 8 metres, the title for these impressive corten steel works is said to have been taken from a quote by the oil and art tycoon J. Paul Getty and alludes to the darkness behind these child-like sculptures.

In the main gallery, Two Legs Bad, Four Legs Good derives from the Animalist mantra of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. In the book, as the pigs become more human their rallying cry gradually morphs into the similar but completely antithetical slogan ‘four legs good two legs better’, thereby establishing a new hegemony over the other animals – exactly what they sought to eradicate. The myriad of crafted creatures includes a bucket of eyeballs floating in blood, a cow defecating, a collection of ominous crows, a sheep suffering from hemorrhoids and a demented looking farmer.

CASS Presents: Jake and Dinos Chapman is at Cass Sculpture Foundation, West Sussex from 14 April - 16 December 2017