Chiharu Shiota’s site specific installation Beyond Time opens at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP), Wakefield on 30 March.

Housed in the beautiful 18th-century Chapel, Shiota’s sweeping web of white thread emerges from a steel structure referencing a musical instrument no longer there. Rising from the chancery, it is an ethereal composition floating towards the heavens. Drawing from the history of the building, the work responds to and activates the Chapel’s unique heritage, revisiting and honouring architectural elements that no longer exist.

An extraordinary and captivating experience, Beyond Time references the Chapel’s rich history and years of human presence, dating back to 1744, making poignant allusion to the bells that were rung, the songs that were sung, and the lives that revolved around it, from cradle to grave.

Chiharu Shiota: Beyond Timeis at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, from 30 March – 2 September 2018