Francesco Clemente’s Evening Ragas (1992) are part of Everything we do is music, a new exhibition that explores how Indian classical music has inspired modern and contemporary artists.

The origins of Indian classical music are generally traced back Hindu scriptures; chanted by priests, these hymns would eventually evolve into ragas, which can be classified according to a mood, season or even time of day. The Evening Ragas are a collection of watercolour paintings in which the artist has illustrated the theme of metamorphosis using two colour combinations. As he explains: ‘I used evening raga instead of day because, to my mind, the overall theme was metamorphosis — activities of the mind connected with dreams and sleep. Nonconscious decisions. The images work on variations of this theme and each group is kept together by a mood, flavour, that you keep in mind.’

Everything we do is music is at The Drawing Room, London from 30 November 2017 - 4 March 2018