Arte Povera A - Z - Anselmo/Zorio

Museum Cultuur Strombeek Gent, Brussels, Belgium

21 November - 14 December, 2014


Lucio Amelio, dalla modern art agency alla genesi di terrae motus (1965-1982). documenti, opere, una storia...


22 November - 9 March, 2015

Gilberto Zorio features in two exhibtions opening this week.

At the Museum Cultuur Strombeek Gent, Zorio will be shown alongside Giovanni Anselmo in the second part of an exhibition exploring the significance of Arte Povera.

At the Museo MADRE, Zorio's 1971 work, Pugno fosforescente (pictured above)forms part of an exhibition in honour of the Italian art dealer Lucio Amelio (1931-1994).

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