Chiharu Shiota’s “In the Beginnning was…” at Fundació Sorigué , Spain, has been extended until 17 July 2016. The exhibition comprises two monumental installations; complex networks of yarn linking materials related to the foundation with the inherent narratives of objects donated by anonymous people.  

“I sensed that there was a common realm between the universe inside of me and the one outside, and also that my body was the closest thing to the universe. Perhaps when someone’s life is over, they dissolve into the universe.” Chiharu Shiota

Shiota has also created a new site specific installation for the Biennale of Sydney - Australia’s largest contemporary visual arts festival, and her work can also been seen as part of the group show In your heart and in your city, at KØS, Museum for Art in the Public Space, Denmark on view until 4 September.

In the Beginnning was…” is on view at Fundació Sorigué in Lleida, Spain until 17 July.