Mat Collishaw is part of a major new group exhibition On the Origin of Art at The Museum of Old And New Art, Tasmania.  

MoNA founder, David Walsh invited ‘bio-cultural scientist-philosophers’ to collaborate with artists and guest curate an exhibition surrounding theories of why humans are driven to make art. Collishaw worked in partnership with evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller to produce Centrifugal Soul, a work that illustrates how the human capacity for making art stems from natural instincts of courtship and reproduction.

Collishaw’s zoetrope sculpture brings to life birds of paradise as they perform elaborate mating dances and extract pollen from wild blossom. Meanwhile, flowers burst into brilliant bloom as a way to attract pollinating birds. The zoetrope itself is also visual enticement, designed to attract and seduce the viewer in a similar way.

On the Origin of Art is comprised of more than 230 objects from 35 countries, spanning millennia and cultures. The exhibition also includes works by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Katsushika Hokusai, Lola Greeno, Jeff Koons, François Boucher, Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, Bridget Riley, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Georgia O’Keefe, Vernon Ah Kee and Cindy Sherman.

On the Origin of Art is at The Museum of Old And New Art from 5 November until 17 April 2017