Bringing together painting, sculpture, installation and performance BENVENUTO! is the most comprehensive presentation of Sislej Xhafa’s works to date, with 30 works spanning the last 20 years of the artist’s career. Curated by Hou Hanru and Luigia Lonardelli, the exhibition looks at the depth and breadth of Xhafa’s subversive practice, which examines inherent contradictions of contemporary society.  

The exhibition’s title is taken from the major installation created by the Xhafa in 2000, where he carved the word Benvenuto (Welcome) in giant letters into the hills near Siena, Italy. The work was an invitation to openness, embracing of others and a nod to the inevitable progress that over time leads to social and cultural change. This work, together with many others on view, demonstrate the wry sense of humour often found in Xhafa’s work.   

‘As an artist I do not want to reflect a reality, but I do want to question it.’ Sislej Xhafa

BENVENUTO! is at MAXXI – National Museum of XXI Century Arts from 2 June to 2 October 2016