Michael Joo's new exhibition, Drift, opens at The Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield, Connecticut on April 6th 2014.  This installation will include three new works, and will be exhibited in conjunction with the Museum's 50th anniversary.

Drift represents a response to Cameron’s Line, which is an ancient suture fault that traces the edge of the continental collision that initiated the formation of the Appalachian Mountains. Created specifically for the Aldrich, Joo has worked to connect the museum interior with the surrounding landscape and its specific history. Cameron's Line runs north from New York City through Westchester County, passing through Ridgefield as it traverses Connecticut, then crossing Massachusetts into Vermont. It is defined by a belt of marble that includes the famous quarries of Vermont. The exhibition will pose Cameron's Line as a linear experience through time and space.

The exhibition will run until September 21st.

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