Works by Nasan Tur feature in a new group exhibition which looks at migration caused by political and social uncertainty. On view at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Uncertain States. Artistic Strategies in States of Emergency uses the academy’s archives to relate the present refugee crisis to the historical experience of flight and exile between 1933 and 1945. The fragility of the individual and social conditions caused by war, poverty and terrorism are reflected in the work of 35 contemporary artists including Francis Alÿs, Christian Boltanski, Mona Hatoum, Isaac Julien and Nasan Tur.

Tur’s First Shot (2014), is large-scale video work which depicts a number of people shooting a firearm for the first time, the footage slowed so that every action or movement becomes monumental. The pistol’s force is expressed in the individuals’ shock and recoil, the deadly weapon revealing the vulnerability of the human body and participant’s differing emotional reactions.

Another video work, In My Pants (2015), is a piece that initially seems to show a static image of a man staring out at the viewer. It is only as the video elapses and his jeans slowly darken, that it is apparent he has lost control of his bladder. His intense stare remains fixed, as a puddle of urine collects at his feet. The work depicts an unnerving loss of control expressed on a bodily level.

Uncertain States. Artistic Strategies in States of Emergency is on at Akademie der Künste, Berlin until 15 January 2017.