In conjunction with the presentation of his work Bautzner Strasse 112A at this year’s abc, Nasan Tur will be giving an artist talk in the Miss Read Conference Space of Station Berlin, at 1pm on 20th September 2013. He will be joined by esteemed curator and writer Ludwig Seyfarth, who will offer a fresh analysis of the artist’s work.  Tur will discuss in detail how the concept of Bautzner Strasse 112A originated, and how he subsequently went about creating this work, providing first-hand insight into the manner in which the artist approaches his artistic ventures. This discussion will present an overview of his practice, exploring several of Tur’s most poignant pieces and considering the significance and complexities of socio-political commentary within creative practice.

Tur’s work is often driven to reflect the social conditions in which it is produced, examining political ideologies, subliminal messages, and the many symbols of power and dissent that are present throughout the contemporary urban landscape. Also intrinsic to his practice is an exploration of the tension between public action and inaction, with a participatory element often implicating the subjectivity or presence of the viewer. The boundaries of communication, as well as the fragile nature of perception, are both driving forces behind the Tur’s work, and many of the situations that he creates.

Bautzner Strasse 112A will be on view at abc art fair from 19th - 22nd September 2013. More information can be found by clicking here.