Two new works by Nasan Tur, Fortuna In My Hand, 2013 and The Remaining Life of Nasan Tur, 2013, feature in The Unanswered Question. Iskele 2, a multi-venue event taking place at TANAS, the NBK, and HAU2 in Berlin.

The exhibition, which also features work by a wide range of artists including Mona Hatoum, Anri Sala, Superflex, Rosermarie Trockel and Kimsooja, has been curated by René Block and presents an array of different generations and political standpoints. The show aims to explore social intersections and transnational dialogue within global culture, while also staging a regular performance program that investigates the active relationship between the audience and the works on the display.

The show runs until 3rd November 2013, and is accompanied by an exhibition catalogue, which features an introduction by Marius Babias, René Block and Sophie Goltz, an essay by Boris Buden and short texts about all participating artists.

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