Curated by Laura Barreca, Breve storia del resto del mondo (A brief history of the rest of the world) is a major solo exhibition of work by Pietro Ruffo. Through his paintings, drawings and installations he examines political, social and ethical subjects. Bringing together large-scale works from 2005 to the present, the exhibition is a broader reflection on issues ranging from colonialism and worker’s rights, to freedom and the Arab Spring.

A trained architect, Ruffo creates meticulously detailed works using a range of media - technical drawings and geographical maps are augmented with freehand drawing.  Exhibition highlight’s include; The Colours of the Cultural Map (2015) commissioned by Luciano Benetton for Imago Mundi project and SPAD SVII, a 1:1 replica biplane made entirely of wood and paper, commissioned by the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome.

Breve storia del resto del mondo is at Fondazione Puglisi Cosentino, Catania, Sicily from 3 April - 10 July 2016.