Over the Rainbow: Drawings by Rachel Howard & Poems by Sue Hubbard
Eleven Spitalfields Gallery
3 May - 28 June 2013

For OVER THE RAINBOW, Eleven Spitalfields Gallery presents a collection of drawings by Rachel Howard in dialogue with a series of poems by award-winning poet, novelist and art critic Sue Hubbard.

Howard's emotionally engaging drawings were rapidly executed and produced as a counterpart to her 'Suicide Paintings' series, which was first shown at the Bohen Foundation in New York, in 2007. These works derive from an interest in source materials including images from forensic magazines, which Howard then abstracted and distorted to present a collection of poignant, forceful works that directly engage with the traumatic subject of suicide. Through these explorations, Howard openly explores an issue which remains taboo for contemporary society, focusing in particular on the inherent contradiction and struggle between self-image, identity and representation.

Sue Hubbard, who has written previously on Howard's work, presents a series of poems in dialogue with the artist's drawings, which resonate with their macabre themes. Taken from her newly published third collection, The Forgetting and Remembering of Air, Hubbard articulates the strained circumstances of female psychology through the deaths of women such as Diane Arbus, Judy Gardland and Dora Carrington.