Sean Scully’s major solo exhibition, Vita Duplex opens at Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe, Germany on 24 March.  

Spanning the four decades of the artist’s career, the exhibition contains over 100 works including paintings, drawings, watercolours, pastels, lithographs and photographs; offering a comprehensive overview of his oeuvre.

The title of the exhibition, Vita Duplex, underscores the intrinsic duality of his work, its continuous vacillation between reason and emotion, past and present, light and darkness, order and chaos — and reflects Scully’s keen interest in Abstract Expressionism, Action Painting and Minimalism.

Also on view this month Sean Scully: No Words is at The Edward Hopper House, NY from 9 March to 27 May 2018. The exhibition features works from his Doric series, which Scully has described as a love letter to Greece: ‘I wanted to celebrate what Greece had given us, to humanity, and tried to make an architectural metaphor, in which I tried to include, in a sense, the history of romantic painting. For the Doric paintings I tried to show something that was based on order and classicism.’  

Vita Duplex is at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe from 24 March - 5 August 2018