Tim Noble and Sue Webster's The Masterpiece has received the Object of the Year Award at the Masterpiece Art Fair.

Created from the remains of mummified animals, which have been cast in solid Sterling silver, it is a classic Noble and Webster shadow sculpture – when illuminated it creates a silhouette portrait of the artists on the blank wall behind.

Of the work, Sue Webster says: “In the months it took Tim and I to painstakingly sculpt The Masterpiece from sterling silver casts of dead creatures we'd accumulated - some from the very streets that surround our studio in the heart of Shoreditch - an epidemic of vermin of a different kind had taken to the streets directly outside our studio. At promptly 4 o'clock on most afternoons, dealers and addicts of crack cocaine would accumulate on the corner where our studio sits, counting out their small change from a successful days begging outside the Texaco Petrol station on the High Street- just enough to buy a single hit - our concentration slightly disrupted by the chinking of change whilst we tried to lose ourselves to art.”

The mummification of animals is a hallmark of Noble and Webster’s oeuvre – a similar work, The Gamekeeper’s Gibbet (2011), was recently acquired by the Art Gallery of South Australia – and self portraiture is an integral to their artistic practice.

Masterpiece London, which is open to the public and runs until July 2nd, is a celebration of the most exquisite in art, antiques and design from across the world. Hosting internationally renowned exhibitors, the fair is resolutely committed to offering the best objects available, presenting a unique opportunity to collect across multiple disciplines and mixing contemporary with antique, the traditional with the eclectic. All works are stringently vetted by a committee of experts before the fair opens giving buyers every confidence in their choice.

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